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We will help you find the best carpet cleaner! If you are looking to purchase you first carpet cleaner or simply upgrade from your previous model, then we hope you find this site useful; with information on what to look for when purchasing your new carpet cleaner plus handy in-depth reviews of the best selling carpet cleaner models available. 

Below you will find our handy carpet cleaner comparison guide. Also on this page we’ll take you through 5 straightforward steps in order to find the best carpet cleaner for your needs. If you would like to go straight to one of our reviews then simply select from the menus above.

ImageModelPriceRatingHeated cleaningMotor (w)Weight (kg)
Vax Dual VVax Dual V

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Bissell CleanView ProHeatBissell CleanView ProHeat

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£££4.6Yes - water14008.9
Vax Rapid Ultra 2Vax Rapide Ultra 2

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Vax Rapide DeluxeVax Rapide Deluxe

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Vax 6131TVax 6131T

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Vax Rapid UltraVax Rapide Ultra (W90-RU-B)

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Vax All TerrainVax All Terrain (V-125A)

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Bissell CleanView QuickWashBissell CleanView QuickWash

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Bissell CleanView ReachBissell CleanView Reach

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Bissell CleanView Deep CleanBissell CleanView Deep Clean££££4.4Yes185012.25

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Best carpet cleaner comparison guide – how to use

Our comparison guide above features the best carpet cleaners (this is based on the best selling models and is checked and updated weekly). In the UK, the domestic carpet cleaner market has two main manufacturers – Bissell and Vax, so only these models are featured here.

This guide to the best carpet cleaners for sale includes the following information:

  • Image – carpet cleaner pictures. Clicking on the image will take you straight to where you can find the latest prices
  • Model – carpet cleaner brand and model name. Where we have reviewed the carpet cleaner, this is indicated – click on the link to read the review
  • Price – These are approximate prices on As these change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more the prices are displayed with a £ key: £ = under £100, ££ = £101 to £150, £££ = £151 to £200, ££££ = £201+
  • Rating – The average user rating on  Maximum score is 5
  • Hot air / heat – this feature assists with carpet drying. Hot air/heat is applied to the carpet during the cleaning process
  • Motor – the carpet cleaner’s motor rated in watts (w)
  • Weight – the weight of the carpet cleaner in kilograms (kg) 

The columns can be sorted by clicking on the up or down arrows in the header row. You can also search by entering a word in the search box at the top of the table. This will filter results based on your search term.

How to find the best carpet cleaner for you – our straightforward guide

Step 1 – Why do you want a carpet cleaner?

Best carpet cleanerTake some time to think about exactly why you want to purchase a carpet cleaner. You probably will have carpets in your home and those carpets get dirty quickly (or show the dirt quickly). Or, you may have a pet and want to keep your carpets (and home) smelling fresh. Would it be easier to rent a carpet cleaner instead or pay a professional to do all the hard work for you? Even cheap carpet cleaners start at the £100 price so you need to be sure to get a return on your investment! If you are renting carpet cleaners on a regular basis (that is, more than 3 times per year), then we would recommend you purchase your own carpet cleaner. Having your own carpet cleaner also gives you the freedom to use whenever you want; this is especially useful in “emergency” spillage situations or for pet owners looking to re-fresh their carpets.

Question 1: Do you really need a carpet cleaner and how often will you use it?

Step 2 – How often will you use your carpet cleaner?

This is another important point to consider. Do you intend to use your cleaner to “deep clean” your carpets in the Spring and Autumn or do you require a unit that you can quickly use to tackle spills, “accidents” or to remove pet odours? The weight of each carpet cleaner model varies considerably (ones with heaters often weigh more than 10kg) so you need to bear this in mind if you will be using your carpet cleaner on a more frequent basis. Some Bissell models weigh under 6kg so these could be a suitable option if your are cleaning your carpets on a very regular basis. Generally, if you plan to use your carpet cleaner on a more regular basis then opting for a lightweight, easy to use and easy to store model is best (take a look at the Vax Rapide Deluxe carpet cleaner).

Question 2: How often will you use your carpet cleaner and is weight important?

Step 3 – What features do you require on your carpet cleaner?

In terms of features, manufacturers will push all types of “gizmos” and benefits but here are the most important ones:

Spin scrub brushesa) Cleaning head – what type of head does the carpet cleaner have? The most commons ones are brush rollers or individual rotating small brushes. The roller brushes are generally kinder to delicate carpets whereas individual brushes give a much deeper cleaner. Typically the higher priced cleaners have more individual rotating heads (5 or more). Look for cleaners with more heads or cleaning brushes if deep cleaning is your number one priority.

b) Hot air drying – one of the downsides of cleaning carpets is having wet carpets in your home for several hours. Some models of carpet cleaner have built-in hot air drying systems to speed up the drying process. A word of caution here: if you have a very delicate carpet, check if this feature can be used. Is this useful feature? We would spend more money on cleaning and treat this as a “nice to have” but very handy feature. A carpet cleaner with a high powered motor will do an equally good job – improved suctions means dryer carpets.

Carpet cleaner hand toolc) Powered cleaning tools – most carpet cleaners come with a selection of accessories for cleaning upholstery, stairs and small crevices. These hand tools can also be used to clean car seats. Some models have accessories with air powered brushes to give a deeper and more effective clean. We would consider this a useful feature.

d) Motor – generally, the more powerful the carpet cleaner motor the better both cleaning and drying/suction performance will be. Some cleaners have 500w motors compared to the 1850w motors found in more expensive cleaners. A 1000w motor generally offers a good combination of price and performance.

Question 3: What features do you really require from you carpet cleaner?

Step 4: How much do you want to spend?

By now you are probably thinking that you want the best fully featured carpet cleaner! However, some carpet cleaners can exceed the £200 mark so just think back through the above questions: importantly, how often will you use it and what type of features do you really need? The best carpet cleaner does not have to be the most expensive.

Question 4: what is your budget to spend on your carpet cleaner?

Step 5: Read reviews before purchasing your carpet cleaner

If you have decided that you really want a carpet cleaner and what features you need then you need to consider what is the best carpet cleaner for you. In the comparison table above we have listed the best carpet cleaners available with details on key features and price. We have also shown the average review rating as an indicator of user satisfaction.

If you would like to read one of our in-depth and 100% independent reviews on the best carpet cleaners, then simply select from the menu bar at the top of this page.

Hopefully this information will allow you to make an informed choice about the best carpet cleaner for you.